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The Colour Genie was released in 1983. It was a large typewriter-style machine (with optional joysticks), it was expensive and it was released at a time (in the United Kingdom at least) when the home computing market was becoming saturated. Within a few months of release, the machine was commercially dead and only a very small number of games were ever released for it. On this website you can find information on each game released for it and, if you order our DVD, get hold of what we believe to be the largest archive of surviving Colour Genie software.


The Colour Genie was manufactured by EACA, who had had some earlier "success" (mostly in the United States) with their Video Genie machines. However, quite apart from being late to the party by the time of its release, its manufacture was dogged by some bewildering architecture decisions. Firstly, EACA rewrote the main ROM for Europe - meaning that, even if you imported some games from the United States, they would not play on the European machine. And then, when some European software publishers began to write games for the European Colour Genie, EACA decided to "upgrade" the ROM on later models, rendering that software unplayable too!

Having delivered the kiss of death to their own project, EACA went insolvent within the year, leaving users who'd bought the machine with little more than a large doorstop and one User Group - Chewing Gum - to carry the Colour Genie torch until early 1986.

Epic Proportions

The Colour Genie story might well have ended at that point were it not for the endeavours of one Attila Grosz, a software creator who, in 2015, created an emulator for the Windows-based PC called Genieous. To say that an emulator for the Colour Genie was a long time coming (over thirty years!) is an understatement but, thanks to this little utility and a suite of tools originally created by Germany's Technische Universitat Kaiserslautern, some software did finally start to be preserved. And, armed with the knowledge that each Colour Genie game may require you to "change the ROM" (in Genieous' options) before issuing the loading instructions, we began to discover some of the games, utilities and adventures that had been produced for this very neglected home computer...

This site contains the complete archives of books, magazines and games for the Colour Genie and represents some thousands of man hours in the making. To play the games, you will need to purchase the Colour Genie DVD.

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