The Colour Genie World DVD

Colour Genie DVD Cover

The Colour Genie World DVD is the mirror of the whole of the web-site, but with all of the content, and costs £13.95 all-inclusive of postage and handling fees to anywhere in the world.

A quick glance at the following table summarises all the goodies present on the DVD - but it is also helpful to think of the online version as a large contents page. Buy the DVD and all of the links that 'don't go where you expect and actually re-direct you here' actually work - and you get everything!

Web Site
The Libraries Containing summaries of 350+ titles
Emulators & Utilities Genieous and the Colour Genie Conversion Tools - How to use them to play Colour Genie games on your PC
Tape Images 192+ different games to play!
Books The original Colour Genie User Guide, plus several third party guides to programming it (all in scanned jpg format)
Hardware Information Information and User Guides on the joystick expansion supplied for the Colour Genie
Reviews In Web Format All the reviews from Personal Computer News and Chewing Gum linked directly to each title
Miscellaneous Plain txt and html versions of instructions (where available) plus the all-important ROM compatibility notes

From Cradle To Cyberspace

£13.95 may seem a lot for a DVD which only contains a bunch of "old" games for a very obscure machine. However, what you are actually buying is a piece of fully-curated, and hitherto unrecovered, microcomputing history. If you'd rather search on the Internet to find and download the games separately, you may indeed be able to find some of them. However, the vast majority of games and books is 100% exclusive to the DVD, simply because we've been buying up every Colour Genie game that we could for the past three years. If you look at the prices that second-hand Colour Genie games also command at the moment, you'll find single titles selling for anything between £20-£40. £13.95 isn't really a lot in comparison.

How Do I Buy It?

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