Frequently Asked Questions

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What will I find in Colour Genie World?

Colour Genie World is an electronic collection of everything that was ever produced for the Colour Genie. The web site showcases libraries of professional releases, books, magazines, the machines themselves, instructions, reviews, screenshots and solutions. Each library can be navigated through the navigation bar on the left. You can see everything included on the Colour Genie World DVD on the web site, but clicking the links will prompt you to order the DVD. On the DVD, the links behave as you would expect.

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What are the very best games for the Colour Genie?

As with all home computers, there are some great games, some good ones and some naff ones. There's no real "knockout" game for the Colour Genie, but there are some quite advanced versions of classic games, such as Chopper by Juergen Buchmueller. There are also some famous ports, such as Terry's Travels and Jet Set Billy. If you prefer a more curated list, then you can visit Everygamegoing and click "Browse By What To Play" to see what visitors recommend for the Colour Genie.

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Where can I buy original software for the Colour Genie?

It's very, very difficult to find any software for the Colour Genie at all! Sometimes you may find a second hand machine bundled with a selection of tapes on eBay. However, if you're looking to own a specific game, only Everygamegoing and Retrogames ever seem to have any Colour Genie tapes in stock.

Colour Genie Basic Manual Mastering The Colour Genie Book Colour Genie Beginner's Manual Das Technische Handbuch Colour Genie

Where can I sell my old software for the Colour Genie?

If you've got any software that is missing from this site then stop right now and get in contact. You can find us on Facebook (Search for Everygamegoing) and we pay excellent prices for anything that's missing from our archives!! If we have already got it, then you could try auctioning it on eBay. If what you have is rare, then you may want to check out Everygamegoing's Market Valuation tool in order to give it a realistic start price.

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How can I learn programming on the Colour Genie?

Either you can buy a second hand Colour Genie off eBay, or you can use one of the Colour Genie emulators. In either case, you'll find our scanned versions of the EACA Basic and Programming Manuals invaluable! If you speak German, then the TCS Books Archive will also help.

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What formats are supported by this web site?

All downloads from Colour Genie World are in the form of .zip files, containing one or more .cas files. These files are binary equivalents of the original files supplied back in the Eighties.

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Why Do Some Of The Catalogues Have A Screenshot But No Tape Image?

The short answer is: because the game is bugged and doesn't work properly. If it has screenshots, it clearly works up to a point and then crashes. We figured that linking to an unworking game was actually more frustrating than not linking to it at all.

The long answer is: because Colour Genie software is notoriously tempremental. Many games - both Basic and in Machine Code - will happily continue to load even if some data has "dropped out" of the original recording. The effect of this is that a game may appear to have loaded, i.e. display its loading screen or initial instructions before the corrupted data is actually encountered. This is experienced both on the original Colour Genie machines, and if using the Colour Genie Conversion Tools to try and create .cas files to load into a PC.

However, we have included any and all software - even if it doesn't seem to work - on the DVD. After all, maybe you know something we don't and you can get it to work! Just use Windows Explorer and move to the download folder and you should easily be able to locate it!

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How do I download a tape from Colour Genie World?

The Colour Genie World web site does not host downloads. But if you have purchased the DVD, you simply click on the tape link which appears in the table of information for each program. The file is in compressed 'Winzip' format. You will need to have Winzip installed on your PC and extract the tape image file to a convenient folder.

Cosmic Attack: Kansas City's only game for the Colour Genie Easy does it in Juergen's Chopper '83 (32K Only)

How do I play a Colour Genie game?

You will need Genieous installed on your PC. If you want to play a tape on an original Colour Genie machine, you will need to use the Colour Genie Conversion Tools to convert it back to a .voc (audio) file, which you can then play whilst piping the output into an original machine.

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I've downloaded Genieous but I can't figure out how to use it. Can you help?

Yes, visit our Genieous tutorial.

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Where did all of the Colour Genie World tapes come from?

In relation to all of the English Colour Genie tapes, we created these ourselves. Firstly, we painstakingly tracked down the physical tapes on sites like eBay, RetroGameBase and Retrogames (over a five year period). Then we learned how to use CoolEdit 2000 and the Colour Genie Conversion Tools to move them to a modern PC. And finally, we played them through to test they were transferred correctly!

In relation to all of the German Colour Genie tapes, they have been available in various places on the Internet for about twenty years. However, we have managed also to significantly improve even these by adding screenshots, instructions and scans of the original media (when we've been able to track it down).

Geniepede: Attacked by a centipede A10 Bomber: A Skramble variant Jet Set Billy: Willy's more violent cousin

I've got some old tapes that are missing from your web site. How do I transfer them to a PC?

With the Colour Genie Conversion Tools, you might be able to transfer your tapes to PC files. Be warned though... Firstly, loading Colour Genie games is an inexact science and it can be very, very frustrating. Secondly, original tapes are approaching their 40th birthday so the longer you leave it, the lesser the chances are of success.

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How do I best use your site to trace the history of the Colour Genie?

Probably your best bet is to read the magazine section from scanned cover to cover. These show the rise and fall of the machine.

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Why Don't You Just Make The Site Free To Use?

There are many costs involved in running a web site - time, hosting, updating, and so on. What usually happens is that, although a webmaster is motivated at first to share all his work with the world at large, the drain on his finances means he decides not to renew it some time later... and the site then disappears! Even if there are only a few orders for a DVD each year, however, this tends to guarantee the site will continue.

The Colour Genie World site, and its DVD, are actually generated from Everygamegoing's huge archives of data. If you are looking for just a single game and don't want to have to spend £13.95 to get it, then you can download the game you want from there!

Remember that this site, and all that is on it, was generated by a single person, who put in hundreds of hours of his life to bring it to you. It was done without crowdfunding, without a Tech Team and without any financial donations... We don't ask for donations either, we send you something for your money instead!