Colour Genie World is organised into distinct sections, to make it as easy as possible for you to explore all of it and locate any resource you require.


  1. Professional Releases (UK and Germany)
    Features the largest archives of the site. Showcases every professional release that could be purchased on the high street (or via mail order) in the Colour Genie's brief lifespan (1984-1986). The library seems to be equally split between English and German language games. Icons allow you to pull up reviews or further information on each release.
  2. Books
    Features all of the third party books supplied for the Colour Genie, some of which have been scanned in full. All books are in English only.
  3. Magazines
    Features individually scanned pages of all of the magazines in which the Colour Genie has been featured, or which published programs for it.
  4. Machines
    Features information on the Colour Genie itself, plus links to mainstream news reports which give an indication of its reception on release.
  5. PC Tools With Colour Genie Connections
    Perhaps you're reading this page because you've still got a physical Colour Genie. Perhaps you've even got some of the hitherto undiscovered software for it? This section will try and guide you towards the tools that will make it easier to transfer Colour Genie programs to your PC (and vice versa).
  6. Expansions
    Hardware expansions produced for the Colour Genie.
  7. Emulators
    Emulators produced for the Colour Genie.