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Paul Barsby

Cover Art

Terry's Travels

Terry's Travels

Terry's Travels


This is Frogger - but not as you know it!

Try Frogger at breakneck speed, with fantastic tunes rattling through your Genie's speaker, where you must cling onto the barrels rather than sitting on them and where one pixel stands between victory and squashed frog.

You're Terry, one frog alone, crossing a wilderness of danger.



At the *? prompt, type:


The game will now load.

On the Genieous emulator, the game is in two parts with the filenames "Terrys_Travels_A.cas" and "Terrys_Travels_B.cas". Select 'Attach CAS' and select "Terrys_Travels_A.cas" then load with the above commands.

After the title screen is displayed, select 'Attach CAS' and select "Terrys_Travels_B.cas".

Alternatively, if you don't mind skipping the loading screen, simply select "Terrys_Travels_B.cas".