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Juergen Buchmueller

Chopper '83

Chopper '83

Chopper '83

The Game

Thirteen of your comrades have been imprisoned throughout four giant labyrinths. Your mission is to locate each of them in your helicopter and rescue him by touching him with it. Get all thirteen to win the level and proceed to the next one.

Throughout the labyrinths you will encounter guns. To take these out, you must shoot their mid-section. However, beware of "paralysing" guns mid-shot, as the bullets may remain on screen and prevent your progress further. If that happens, move to a different location in the labyrinth. Bullets disappear after the loss of a helicopter.

Be careful - the labyrinths are tough. Don't despair - your comrades are counting on you!

Game Controls

Arrow Keys control the helicopter. You can diagonally by pressing two controls at the same time.

SPACE in conjunction with the Arrow Left/Right control will fire in that direction. You cannot shoot up or down.




Wait for the prompt:


Then type:


Game Notes

Be aware that Chopper is one of Jurgen Buchmuller's best and most complex programs for the Color Genie. It will only run on a Colour Genie fitted with a 16K-byte expansion card.

The smaller size of sprites is used so that motion sequences are not slowed down.