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The Colour Genie

Welcome to the Colour Genie machines archive. There were at least three "versions" of the Colour Genie, but all of them outwardly appear exactly the same. The differences are internal and involve the ROM (Read Only Memory). The versions of the Colour Genie ROM which were released were:

  1. The South (24 rows) version (also known as "old ROM"),
  2. The South (25 rows) version (also known as "new ROM") and
  3. The North (25 rows) version.

The North version was (originally) "locked" to North America. The South versions were (originally) "locked" to Europe.

The rewriting of the ROM for later machines proved to be a disastrous move for EACA and led to the situation where publishers needed to write both "old ROM" and "new ROM" versions of their games. If you are faced with a game which exists in two different ROM versions, then you should select South (24 rows) version for an "old ROM" version or South (25 rows) version for a "new ROM" version.